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Ningguo Anhui holds a conference on patent navigation achievements of rubber and plastic seals industry

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Recently, the Ningguo Rubber and Plastic Seals Industry Patent Navigation Achievement Conference was held sponsored by Ningguo Municipal Government and sponsored by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Di Yong, deputy director of Anhui Intellectual Property Bureau, and Yang Xing, Standing Committee of Ningguo Municipal Committee and United Front Minister, attended the conference.




Di Yong stressed that the development of patents should be reexamined strategically and technology should be translated into patent achievements. We should pay more attention to digital patents and intellectual property rights, and help enterprises achieve technological innovation and transformation and upgrading. Accurately grasp the large data resources of global patent information, deepen the construction of patent database for key industries of rubber and plastic seals, realize the exchange of patent data and talent information, and provide the basis for scientific planning of rubber and plastic seals industry policy formulation and management decision-making.


In his speech, Yang Xing said that the event provided a communication platform for exchange of research results and deepening cooperation, provided new ideas and experience for Ningguo's intellectual property construction, and made new contributions to economic transformation and development.




At the press conference, the person in charge of Ningguo Science and Technology Bureau introduced the implementation of the patent navigation project of rubber and plastic seals industry in the whole city. Starting from the project background, positioning analysis and implementation results of Ningguo Rubber and Plastic Seal Industry Patent Navigation Project, this conference elaborated the positive role of the project results in Promoting Patent Analysis and industrial operation decision-making, which will further optimize the industrial structure, promote the technological upgrading of the entire industrial chain and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Next, the project team will conduct in-depth discussions, collate the results of navigation project analysis, assist in supporting industrial structure optimization and transformation and upgrading, and guide enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, improve quality and efficiency.





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