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Rapid Development of Sealing Industry in China Urgently Needs Government Support

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The rapid development of China's automobile industry has created a huge market for high-performance rubber and plastic seals, and the maintenance market of automobiles, construction machinery, imported equipment has the same huge potential. However, the "double peak" market does not hold up the "golden sun", facing the double-sided pressure, the national industry can not "rise with the peak" in some construction sites often see such a phenomenon, some construction machinery due to unqualified machine seals, "full of urine and urine" often occurs; and in the street, many motor vehicles are under a piece of dirty oil. Compared with similar products abroad, this kind of thing often makes our people feel embarrassed. The gap is not just that.


Peng Bing, vice president of Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical Science, said that the efficiency of foreign enterprises is tens of times higher than that of domestic enterprises. Parker-Hannifen, an international famous rubber and plastic sealing company, employs only 90 people and has annual sales of up to $10 million. The annual sales of most of China's thousands of enterprises are less than RMB 100 million. In terms of scale, Freudenbeck is a 150-year-old family business with 82 manufacturing plants, 93 sales companies and 28479 employees. Its output value in 2004 was 4 billion euros, including 1 billion euros for seals.


Technically, new oil seals equipped with sensors for measuring leakage of seals (rotary seals) are being manufactured abroad, and aerodynamic seals with the advantages of friction seals and labyrinth seals are also available for spindles. At the same time, the combination seals composed of U-type rubber parts and V-type springs, which can be used in hydraulic systems with pressure of 45 MPa, such as "universal plug seals", are popular. These sophisticated sealing products almost occupy the high-end market.


In contrast, due to the backward technology, domestic seals products can only strive to share a cup of soup in the middle and low-end market. Not only that, but also the faltering national enterprises need to survive. On the one hand, foreign-funded enterprises have attacked the domestic market in a large scale, and the national enterprises have been severely suppressed. On the other hand, foreign-funded enterprises have made use of the advantages of the host joint venture, set up barriers to resist the entry of national enterprises'products and hinder the development of national industries in China.


American Parker Company has invested in the construction of PU seals factory in Pudong, Shanghai and plans to build PTFE seals production base. South Korea, Japan and other sole proprietorship enterprises have set up factories in the mainland, all the way to seize the city and land. At the same time, the domestic mainframe industry is moving towards the trend of purchasing imported accessories in order to improve its product level. Especially for the rubber seals matched by the automobile industry, the high-end market is basically monopolized by the products of foreign-funded enterprises. As a result, the dilemma of national sealing industry can be seen under the double-sided pressure. Qingdao Kipper Sealing Industry Co., Ltd. was originally a fixed-point seals manufacturer under the Ministry of Machinery. It was established in the 1970s and has a history of more than 30 years. At that time, it was set up to meet the needs of agricultural machinery in Shandong Province, a major agricultural province. With the continuous technological progress of the machinery manufacturing industry, its products have been far from meeting the needs of joint ventures with Japan in the late 20th century. However, the original intention of swapping market for technology has not been realized. Foreign parties only produce obsolete technology and products that pollute the environment in China.


In this regard, experts pointed out that the core technology can not be purchased and replaced. Restricting the technological progress and development of the backbone enterprises in our country is just one of their strategies. In recent years, the rapid development of independent innovation in Qingdao Kipper has also confirmed the views of experts.


There is no doubt that the equipment manufacturing industry is an important symbol of national industrialization, modernization level and comprehensive national strength. At present, China has formed a complete category of equipment manufacturing industry with considerable scale and level, and has become an important pillar industry of economic development. The scale of manufacturing industry has leapt to the fifth place in the world.


According to the data, there are about 55,000 equipment manufacturing enterprises with 15 million employees and 10.8% of GDP in industrial added value and 5.5% of national revenue in China. However, it is embarrassing that the status of the national Seals Industry and the equipment manufacturing industry is extremely inadaptable. It has not only become a bad factor for the overall upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, but also has formed serious constraints.


The restriction of "small products" on "big industries" is vividly reflected here. It is urgent to pay attention to the current situation of national Seals Industry and support the development of seals industry.