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Nine Key Points for the Success of 6S Management

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After years of work practice, it has been proved that there is a very systematic way to successfully implement 6S management. Only when all the staff have mastered the essentials of implementation, can the 6S management be thoroughly implemented. There are mainly the following aspects:


Main point 1: Focus on customer and employee satisfaction


The ultimate goal of enterprise development is to create profits, while customers and employees are the source of profits. The ultimate goal of 6S management is to improve the quality of employees, satisfy customers and bring more profits to enterprises. In the process of implementing 6S management, we should work closely around this theme.


Main Points 2: Entire Participation, Happy Implementation


The promotion of 5S should be consistent from top to bottom, with the participation of all staff. Managers, section chiefs, directors and team leaders should cooperate closely, because the implementation of 6S is a workshop and a department. In the assembly workshop, the supervisor should inform the employees, or educate them about the importance of tidy up, tidy up, clean up and safety, and then further inform everyone how to tidy up, tidy up and clean up. When everyone can do well, the team can do better. Therefore, every link of 6S activities is a department and everyone has responsibility; every responsibility should be linked up, that is to say, every leading cadre should be linked up.


Main points 3: To cultivate the bridge burden of 6S management atmosphere and climate, all the actors are responsible; secondly, it will form an improved atmosphere.


Make full use of slogans, slogans, propaganda boards, so that every employee can understand that 5S promotion is the best activity for the company to enhance its image, improve its quality, save its cost, and is also an important way for the company to succeed. So some slogans, slogans and propaganda boards of 5S should be made known to everyone. 5S is a very simple but five tasks to be done every day. The promotion of 6S, do not act secretly, do not work overtime, to let the whole staff agree that 6S is a very simple work, as long as everyone knows how to tidy up, tidy up, clean up, security, and then further put forward the plan, how to make everyone do better, it is called clean.

Key Points 4: High-level Leadership Support


Supreme leaders should take my determination to do it and go out in person. Arrange the managers of each department to push forward vigorously. In the meetings promoted, leaders should brainstorm and let everyone actively propose better ways to do so.


Main Points 5: Understand the meaning of 6S thoroughly


The promotion of 6S management should explain the essence of management, so that every employee can undoubtedly implement it. In the process of implementation, let employees participate, visit the 6S management demonstration area with remarkable learning effect, see which area is the best, we can observe each other, or give guidance, or put forward better suggestions for improvement. In the process of advancing, we should avoid such questioning words as "Why do I get a red card?" "Is there any need for improvement?".


Main Points 6: Instant results


In the process of sorting out the advance, we can adopt the method of mattress plate warfare, that is to say, the specific method of pointing out the problem, flashing the red light and flashing the red card, and the criteria of judgment should be clear. Rectification can use Kanban management method, to show the form and content, so that everyone can see at a glance. Photographs are a good way to keep records and a labor-saving tool for solving problems and persuading audiences. At the same time, it is important to quantify what is being done and what has been achieved with appropriate methods.


Main Points Seven: Push forward thoroughly with one mind from top to bottom


Leaders should have a good style of work which is vigorous and popular, formulate clear guidelines and objectives, and establish the system and mode of promotion, so that they can work together from top to bottom. Whoever makes a mistake will be corrected when the whole company launches a red card campaign.


Main Points 8: Leaders often visit the scene.


Leaders often visit the site is one of the ways to express their strong support for 6S management. That is to say, they often visit the site. Usually, organized inspection activities are carried out according to the requirements of 6S checklist. Generally speaking, we hope that when leaders conduct on-site inspection, they will not be limited by the checklist. In this way, they can proceed from the overall situation of the company and put forward 6S requirements to urge the responsible department of on-site management to improve. If they are too rigid in the specific inspection items of the checklist, the leaders may lose their effective grasp of the overall situation of the activities. Of course, if the leader thinks that he understands 6S inadequately, it is a good way to learn 6S by using checklist occasionally.


When leading the inspection of 6S management on the spot, we should solve the problems in 6S management in time, not only at the level of pointing out the problems, but also provide necessary guidance and help on safety, public hazards, waste and disposal of waste equipment, and provide necessary (human, financial and material) resources support in the specific implementation of 6S rectification process. In the process of promoting 6S activities, many enterprises often hear such complaints from employees: we want to repair machinery and equipment, the leadership or financial department said that we can't buy tools without budget; we want to brush the floor quickly, the purchasing department said, the company stipulates that the purchase cycle is one month; it takes one month to buy back the paint and so on. If similar complaints are not solved properly, it will directly affect the enthusiasm of employees to participate in 6S.


In fact, in the face of these complaints, corporate executives can choose two completely different attitudes. One attitude is to think that 6S management hasn't been abandoned yet, and you guys have started to ask for this or that, so you ignore the staff's requirements. In this case, we can imagine that several employees who are passionate about 6S management will be depressed and 6S management will be hit. Another attitude is that complaints are because employees try to change the status quo. When employees encounter difficulties and obstacles in the process of 6S management, coordinating the relevant departments to solve the difficulties in 6S activities as soon as possible is a good opportunity to reflect the concern and support of the top management of enterprises. Therefore, efforts to solve the problems raised by employees will greatly inspire staff morale and promote the development of activities. In order to cultivate employees'6S consciousness, it is necessary for leaders to communicate with employees timely in the process of inspection. Talk with relevant employees for a short time, often greet members of 6S Promotion, praise those groups and personnel who have made achievements in 6S activities, pay attention to their improvement results, and express their support in different forms. This can not only give employees the passion and motivation to carry out the next activities, but also promote other backward employees and backward departments to follow up and follow up. It can greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of 6S management participants.


Leadership's concern is to maintain the indispensable condition of 6S management. Enterprise leaders must be highly aware of their role in seeking the activation of 6S management and promoting the improvement of 6S management level, and practise their support to employees'6S management. During the inspection, we should point out where we have done well and where we haven't done enough. After the inspection, the meeting was held to appoint a special person to follow up and solve the problem in time. To confirm the improvement progress of the problem points, the responsible person should carefully study the improvement methods.


Main Points 9: Take 6S Management as a Platform for Improvement


By implementing 6S management, we can reduce costs and improve product quality. Therefore, in the actual process of implementing 6S, many enterprises have experienced the following phenomena: "one tight, two loose, three collapses, four times" phenomenon, so we must adhere to the implementation of 6S management. Make management more fluent, fundamentally and thoroughly solve the problems in development. Continuous improvement.