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Why do leaky seals need to be replaced on time on rainy days?

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Nowadays more and more cars join the team of panoramic skylights. There are more and more cars with skylights. The size of skylights is getting bigger and bigger. There are more and more problems that leak out. The problems of skylights switch and water leakage of various automobile brands are endless. As a car owner, how should we treat panoramic skylights? What skills should we use skylights? Talk about car skylights.


Classification of automobile skylights


Although the skylight glass can be used to illuminate, open ventilation or for passengers'sightseeing, the skylights used by each car are not the same. Generally speaking, according to the cost, the design of skylights is also different. Other high-end vehicles will be equipped with double skylights.


Hidden skylight


Hidden windows are the most common. Opened skylights will be hidden in the interlayer of the roof, which will occupy part of the roof space and affect the headspace of passengers. Most of the built-in skylights can be fully opened, but due to the influence of mechanical structure and roof shape, not all built-in skylights can be fully accommodated in the roof, that is to say, the opening is not large enough to see the skylight from the outside. Because of the complex design of the built-in skylight, its cost is generally higher.


Sliding skylight


Outer sliding skylights are common in small cars and low-end cars. It is not necessary to design hidden sandwiches for the skylights alone. When the skylights are opened, they can be turned back by sliding rails. When all the windows are opened, they will slide outside the roof. The biggest disadvantage of this design is that the windows can not be opened completely. Although it does not affect the ventilation of the windows, it will increase the wind resistance in the driving of the vehicles and also affect the ride. Tourist experience of motorists. However, because of its simple design, the outer sliding skylight is much cheaper than the inner sliding skylight.


Pure manual skylight


In some inexpensive mini-cars, we can also see manual skylights. The skylight structure is very simple. There is a lock switch at the back of the window, which can only open a gap. The structure is the same as that of some MPV rear-row ventilation windows, which can not be sliding open. Can play the most basic function of skylight - by negative pressure ventilation.


Function of automobile skylight


Opening Skylights in the Morning: Releasing Harmful Gases

After a period of sealing, the air in the car is filled with more harmful chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde. The first thing to get on the bus after overnight is to open the skylight and use its superior principle of negative pressure ventilation to quickly remove harmful gases in the car.


Opening Skylight in Traffic Congestion: Prevent Exhaust Gas from Entering the Vehicle


When traffic jams occur, all vehicles are at a standstill, and vehicle exhaust will inevitably disperse in the surrounding air. When the skylight is opened and the side window is closed, the exhaust gas in the car will be discharged quickly, while the air outside the car filters out a lot of harmful substances through the air conditioning before entering the car.


Opening Skylight after Exposure: Quickly Reduce the Temperature in the Vehicle


In hot summer, after the car is exposed to the sun, the temperature inside the car becomes higher than that outside the car, which makes it very uncomfortable to enter the car. Experiments show that in order to quickly reduce the temperature in the car, an effective way is to open the skylight while opening the air conditioning, and then close the skylight after the exhaust of hot air and the refrigeration effect of the air conditioning begins to show.


High Speed Driving Skylight: Reducing Wind Noise


In high-speed driving, if the side windows are opened, the car owners are often troubled by annoying noise and strong wind, which will also affect driving safety. If the skylight is opened and the side window is closed at this time, this situation can be effectively prevented.


Driving in Cold Weather: Quickly Remove Fog


Skylight defogging is a fast defogging method. Especially in summer and autumn, there is much rain and high humidity. The fog of the front windshield can be easily eliminated by opening the roof skylight to the back-warping ventilation position to ensure the safety of driving.


Why does the skylight leak in rainy days?


Some car owners find that even if the skylight is closed tightly, it will seep in rainy days. I don't know why. This is due to neglect of the maintenance of skylights and aging of sealing rings.


Nowadays, all kinds of economical cars have skylights, and the workmanship quality will be uneven. With the low usage rate of car owners, many car owners are lack of concern for the skylight, or even do not maintain, it is prone to aging and other conditions. You know, any thing is prone to problems if it is not used for a long time. So what should we do? The basic content of self-maintenance of skylights is very simple: the skylight can be completely opened, the dust on the slideway can be wiped with clean soft cloth first, and then the slideway part and transmission pipeline of skylights can be lubricated with lubricant which is not easy to absorb dust.


In addition, special attention should be paid to the dust-proof work of the skylight sealing ring in daily life. In spring and autumn, the sealing ring can be cleaned with a wet sponge every other quarter. Before parking for a long time, the skylight should be cleaned thoroughly with talc powder to avoid the chemical change and natural aging of the rubber strip in the air caused by too long time. When washing your car in normal times, check the rubber strip of the skylight and the dirty things in the groove, such as dust, leaves or twigs. When using high-pressure water gun to wash a car, do not directly aim the water at the sealing ring around the skylight, otherwise it will easily cause the sealing ring to deform under the spray pressure of high-pressure water column, and water will easily enter the car over a long period of time.


Does the skylight need to be covered?


Some car owners say that they usually want to open the shutter of the skylight to make the interior space bright, but they are afraid of ultraviolet rays and too much sunshine. So can we stick film on skylights? Skylights generally do not need to stick film. Most skylights have good insulation. If the use rate of skylights is low, the shade of skylights can block the sunlight.